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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

Does my Tail look big in this?

October brings us Halloween and other dress up parties to enjoy. Our pets love being involved in our fun and made a special fuss of.
If you are anything like me, you love dressing your pets up in costumes. Something about seeing their sweet little faces in a Halloween pumpkin onesie or a Santa hat just makes your heart happy.

Pedro (left) master of Dr Celia and Slinky (right)  Nurse Alex’s fur baby.

With some big calendar events fast approaching and the festive season right around the corner, you might already be thinking of ways to include your fur babies in on the joys of the holidays. As I’m sure you are well aware, pet costumes and coats have become extremely popular. I mean, who doesn’t want their dog or cat to look like a taco?
Our furry friends all have unique personalities, so it’s important to consider this when choosing a costume. Some like to be dressed up, and others don’t. Don’t be afraid to start simple, for instance a headpiece might cause discomfort for some or loved by others. Finding their unique style is all part of the fun!

Pedro (left) and Bailey (right) Receptionist Kristie’s fur baby .

Here are a few tips for first timers:
– Try putting the costume on for a few minutes at a time to get them used to it;
– Best to start with a simple costume without a hood or crinkly fabric that might scare them;
– Give them treats so they associate the costume with something pleasant and fun!
– If you’re met with resistance, try a simple bow tie or bandana that clips to the collar to avoid causing stress;
– As we approach the warmer months, ensure the costumes you choose are not going to make your fur baby overheat and avoid costumes on hot days.
– Do not leave your pets in costumes unsupervised – they could become a chew toy or worse get ingested and stuck in their stomach or intestine!
– Finally, start simple and work your way up to something more extravagant.







Hats and bandanas are a great option for pets that don’t love full body costumes!
Now to some more practical stuff. Before diving in and going on that much anticipated shopping spree, it’s always a good idea to take some measurements, usually around their neck and their body length (from the base of the neck to the base of the tail). It’s always better to go by measurements rather than weight because most animal’s body shapes are unique. This will ensure they are comfortable and happy in their new threads and save you the headache of returning or exchanging items!
Once you’re ready to start filling their wardrobe there are plenty of places to buy fancy outfits for all occasions. With their rise in popularity over recent years, you can pick up a bargain outfit from cheap retailers such as Kmart, splurge on something from your local pet-store or find something unique online. If you’re the creative type, you could even try your hand at a DIY costume. Once you’ve found a few favourites, a great way to extend their wardrobe is to swap outfits with their friends. It’s also a great excuse for a play-date, fun for you and most importantly your furry friend!

Nemo  master of Nurse Alex

DIY costumes are a great way to be creative and customise an outfit! Try visiting: for ideas. © Photo below from Martha Stewart.

I hope this have given you some inspiration, there really is an endless amount of adorable costumes to choose from and being silly and having fun with your pet is what it’s all about.
We look forward to seeing our furry friends of McDowall Vet all dressed up in the months to come!