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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

X-Ray / Scan

We have top of the range X ray and ultrasound machines,
essential for great diagnostics.


Radiology  (x-ray):

McDowall Veterinary Practice uses a state-of-the-art digital X-Ray system to get high-quality X-Rays of  our patients when required. X-Rays are useful for evaluating pet limbs, spines, chests and abdomens and are often used in conjunction with ultrasonography when investigating internal organ function.

Hip and Elbow Scoring:

Some large breeds are prone to heritable orthopaedic diseases such as hip dysplasia and elbow disease. Prior to breeding we recommend scoring of hip and elbow X-Rays to ensure that these traits are not passed on to the next generation of puppies. This is done by radiographing the hips and elbows under a general anaesthetic for pets over 12 months of age. The X-Rays are then forwarded on to specialist-recognised evaluators for scoring.


Ultrasonography is increasingly being used as an effective diagnostic tool to evaluate the internal organs of  our patients. We have a top of the range ultrasound machine which allows us rapidly to assess our patients when required. We can also perform pregnancy ultrasounds where required.