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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home


Dental disease is one of the most common
ailments afflicting our pets and often goes
Fortunately we have the same equipment available
as you would be exposed to at your dentist, allowing
us to provide complete dental care for your pet.


Our pets have teeth too!

Many of us never get to see our pet’s teeth as they don’t smile like we do! Cats and dogs are different to us in that their natural state is one of keeping their mouths closed and their teeth hidden, unless they are snarling or panting! Often the only sign we get that they are having dental problems is when we pick up the smell of halitosis. By the time they stop eating, things have got really bad!


Dental disease is one of the more common problems we see in middle-aged to older animals. This impacts on the rest of the body as it allows bacteria to enter the bloodstream through inflamed gums. These bacteria then spread to internal organs causing possible liver, kidney and heart infections as well as possible septicemia (blood infection). The reduction in appetite associated with dental disease also lowers the immune system. It is important that we prevent dental disease where possible and treat gingivitis early on when it arises. Speak to our vets about our dental preventative care programs and free dental checks. We use ultrasonic de-scaler equipment, similar to those used by dental surgeries/hygienists, to clean our patients’ teeth.

We also have the ability to perform dental Xrays on your pets teeth, which allows us to see causes of pain and tooth decay under the gum line and so catch problems early.