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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

Pet Insurance

Like all Insurances, Pet Insurance is a sensible way
to budget for any unexpected problems.
Choosing the correct cover can sometimes be confusing – let us know if we can help.


Just as private medical insurance is a sensible precaution against unexpected medical bills, pet insurance is equally important for our pets, allowing us to ensure that we can afford specialist treatment for them should the need arise.

There are a number of very good Pet Insurance providers on the market currently offering good cover. We currently have clients insured with the following companies:

RSPCA, Woolworths, Medibank, HCF, Bowwowmeow, PIA, Petplan.

Each company has slightly different aspects to their policies but in essence for a monthly premium they will cover either a percentage of your total veterinary bill ( normally 80%) or cover the whole bill except for an excess for each condition/claim.

Each company will also offer a range of policies that normally fall into the following categories:

Basic accident or medical cover: This is a reasonably narrow cover that only covers specific injuries or diseases. The cover is provided up to a maximum amount, or up to 12 months, whichever is reached first. Ongoing conditions such as Diabetes will not be covered after the 12 months and will be excluded from further policies.

Maximum Benefit Cover: This is the next level of cover. Cover is provided up to a maximum amount per condition. There is no time limit on this cover, but once you have claimed up to the maximum amount for each condition, those conditions are no longer covered. This cover is not good for chronic or reoccurring conditions.

Covered for life: This is the level of cover we recommend. It is a broad ranging extensive cover. The cover is refreshed every year ensuring that you can claim up to the set amount of your policy every year for any conditions. This cover is available for the life of your pet .

It is important that the insurance cover you take out meets your needs. If you need any help clarifying the finer points of any policy please ask us at your next visit and we will do our best to help you!

Pet Plan

“I am fortunate to have insured both my dogs Chino and Rocky.  Due to ongoing health problems with Chino we are sometimes visiting Rob on a weekly basis. The insurance cover has enabled Chino and Rocky to always have the best treatment that Rob can offer without having to compromise. This means Rob can feel free to treat or prescribe whatever is necessary at the time, and as a pet owner I can be assured that they are getting the best….! I strongly advise ALL pet owners to do yourself and your pets a favour and GET PET INSURANCE!!!!  It will save you thousands within your pets lifetime. Thank You to Rob and the Team!”

Petrena, Chino and Rocky.