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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

Dog Diseases


We understand that having an ill pet is very stressful and would like you to be as well informed as possible about your dogs’ condition, so as to help with your decision making when considering various treatment options. To help you with dog diseases, we have compiled some useful handouts on various common dog diseases below. Click on the link to read more about each condition.

Addison’s disease, hypoadrenocorticism
Allergy, food, FAD
Allergy, inhalant, atopy
Allergy testing qvs
Anal sac disease, anal sacculitis

Breeding-Whelping or birth
Breeding-Problems at birth
Breeding-Rearing puppies and care of mother
Breeding-Growing puppy, lactation and weaning

Cruciate ligament rupture
Cushings disease, hyperadrenocorticism

Degenerative disc disease
Degenerative joint disease
Demodectic mange, demodex
Dental brushing teeth
Dental disease
Diabetes – Homecare notes

Diabetes – Mellitus

Flea allergy dermatitis, FAD
Flea control

Flea control tips

Heart-Congestive heart failureImage for the dog diseases page - long haired terrier

Kennel cough, tracheobronchitis
Kidney failure-chronic
Kidney disease

Puppies-recommendations for new owners

Recommendations for senior, geriatric, dogs

Seizure- home care

If the disease you are interested in is not listed above, or you would like further in depth information regarding any condition, please click here.