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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

Our Difference

We are recognised locally as setting the standards in providing
exceptional service and care. Our reputation has been built on
decades of service to our community, always striving to improve.


  • You will always be seen promptly. We have extended opening hours to ensure that there is always a convenient appointment available for you and we will never turn you away. We know how worrying it is to have a sick pet or emergency, so will always ensure that you are seen. We realise that your time is valuable, so pride ourselves in keeping your waiting times as short as possible. 
  • You will be seen by the best. We have a hand picked team that are exceptionally skilled, and have been chosen for their compassion, empathy and communication skills. As a team, we have been together for a long time and are experienced and trusted. As a Practice we are large enough to have all of the state of the art equipment you would expect to find in a hospital, but small enough to ensure that you will always be able to see the vet of your choice. We also pride ourselves in our common sense, allowing us to find bespoke treatment plans that suit your situation and needs.
  • What does that mean? Don’t you hate it when you visit a medical professional and you leave confused because either nothing has been explained to you, or else it has been explained in “medical language” which has made it hard to understand? One of our passions is communicating effectively with our clients and ensuring that you understand as much as possible about your pets’ condition so that you are better able to make an informed decision about their ongoing care. We promise always to spend as much time with you as necessary to ensure that you fully understand all aspects of your pets’ care.
  • We are a “Fear Free” Practice. We want our patients to feel as comfortable and happy as possible when they are with us. Non stressed patients heal more quickly and respond better to treatments. We go out of our way to ensure that our patients have as pleasant an experience with us as possible. To aid this we have:
    • Love and treats for all dogs and cats as they arrive and during their examinations!
    • Dog and cat calming pheromone vapourisers throughout the practice.
    • Separate cat and dog wards and operating areas.
    • Dedicated hospital nurses allocated to your pet to monitor them constantly ensuring that they are pain free, dry and clean and comfortable at all times.
    • A skilled, gentle team well trained in interpreting animal body language, pain scoring and the use of medications to allow us to conduct any investigations needed in a pain free and fear free environment.