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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

McDowall and Albany Creek Vet – Pet Technology Tips

Albany Creek vet pugWe spend an awful lot of time staring at our mobile phone screens and tablet devices – and excitingly, this technology can be very useful for you as a pet owner.  At McDowall and Albany Creek Vet we are always interested in using technology to help our clients and their pets, so we have compiled a list of our favourite pet related apps to share with you!

The “Finding Rover” app is run in partnership with the RSPCA, and is a new way to search for your dog if they become lost.  This free app uses facial recognition technology, and works when people upload images of their dog to their website. You are able to upload a picture of your dog to the app, and can see instantly if it matches any of the pictures registered to the database.  Whilst this will only work in theory if everyone has access to the app, it’s certainly a fantastic idea.  Pet lovers can keep the app active on their phone, and see if there are any missing dogs in their area to keep an eye out for.  Don’t worry – our feline friends haven’t been forgotten – there are plans to include a database for kitties later this year.

Pet Master Pro” is a great app where you can keep all of your pet’s records in one handy place.  Microchip details, insurance details, allergies, the list goes on.  It is very easy to use, and can be customised with pictures of your pets.  You can even set reminders for when your dog or cat’s vaccinations, flea treatments and worming treatments are due.  Although don’t forget- McDowall Veterinary Practice can send reminders to your mobile phone or email when your pet’s vaccinations and wormers are due too!

First Aid for Pets” is an Australian based app that provides tips for how to help your pet in various emergency situations.  Having this at hand can provide peace of mind and is a good reference for non-emergency situations such as itchy skin or lameness.  It is very comprehensive and is great because the poisons/toxins listed are specific to our country, such as cane toad toxicity and particular Australian poisons.

There’s nothing the internet loves more than a picture of a cute animal!  “PetSnap” is a picture taking app that combines a camera and a wide variety of different animal noises.  This brings your pet’s attention directly to your phone, resulting in some great snaps!  Don’t forget to send us your pictures; we’d love to see them!

CatFishing” is a game for your tablet device which has been specifically targeted towards cats!  Fish will swim past on the screen and your cat earns points every time they tap onto the fish.  There are more and more fish that will swim faster and faster as the levels progress.  This is a great game to play with your cat to entertain them- and yourself!

Weather Puppy” or “Weather Kitty” is a rather sweet app that shows a cute dog or cat every time you check the weather.  The picture changes depending on the weather and the time of day.  This is a great app if you can’t get enough puppies or kittens in your every day life!

The Petrek LT905 PetTracker is an amazing new product that is now available.  It is basically a GPS tracker that is small and fairly discrete and hooks on to your pet’s collar.  It comes with an app, which lets you know where your pet is at all times and will pinpoint the current location of your pet on a map.  It will even alert you as soon as your pet leaves your yard!  If you are interested in this product, we are able to order it in for you. Give us a ring on 3353 6999.

We hope you all can make use of some of these apps – and if you have any of your own favourite pet related apps, please share them with us!