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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

New York Suite

For the sophisticated cat who loves to climb.
High risers galore!

New York, New York, Newwww York! Surely I can’t be the only person with that song in my head. This jazzy room is great for sharing with a friend. Between the lovely big armchair and our large vertical wall climber, there is space to go around. Typically the cats here (okay, let’s call them New Yorkers) are young at heart with a spring in their step and a can do attitude. Being right next to our staff room, they are the first greeted in the morning and get the very last cuddles on our way out at night. As though in actual skyscrapers, our New Yorkers are able to look out their north facing window and judge the people walking past. What more could a New Yorker ask for? Coffee perhaps? We promise there will be none of that!

New York suite big apple Cat climbing frame in the cat hotel - New York suite