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Where your pets feel at home

Where your pets feel at home

Cat Hotel

When only the best will do!


We are excited to offer Brisbane’s ultimate luxury cat boarding establishment. The Cat’s Whiskers is more than a cattery, it is a five star cat Hotel!

We provide our guests with an environment in which they feel completely at home, with decadent fittings and soft furnishings. Each suite has five star inclusions such as imported cat gyms, classical music and feliway vaporisers.

We also encourage you to bring in your own touches of home to complete their indulgent experience.

The Cat’s Whiskers suites are integrated into our state of the art veterinary practice and are staffed by Vets and fully qualified vet nurses. We excel at catering for guests with special needs and medical conditions. Any regular medications and special dietary requirements can be administered and monitored as required.

We offer:

3 spacious suites immaculately furnished. Each suite is tranquil and calm and fully climate controlled.

Extended opening hours.

Imported cat gyms and climbing frames for mental and physical stimulation.

24 hour air conditioning and waste gas extraction.

Piped, soothing music to each suite.

24 hour video surveillance.

Premium food of your choice. We feed a tryptophan  enriched prescription diet ( Hills       Science Diet) to aid in reducing stress and prevent stress induced bladder infections which are a common problem in cats boarded away from home. We are equally happy to feed our guests their own chosen foods or fresh diets. Please bring these along with you.

Medication, treatment and monitoring of any ongoing ailments/illnesses.

A twice daily full veterinary examination – just to make sure they aren’t overdoing it while enjoying their luxury!! (and lots of cuddles and strokes in between!)

Skype appointments with you by arrangement.

Feliway vaporiser use if required to reduce stress.

All of this from just $35 per day. This price is all inclusive (no sneaky extras here!). The only exception to this is a $7 fee for any public holiday spent in the suite to offset penalty rates.

Extended Hours: You can drop off or pick up any time during our regular practice hours. And don’t forget to make sure that all guests have had their travel shots (vaccinations, worming and flea control) before arrival. We can arrange these for you on the day of arrival if required!