We are able to groom dogs and cats and have several quality, professional groomers we can recommend locally. Several will come to your home to make the experience as stress free as possible for your pets. We will often have cats in for the day to sedate and groom if they are very matted, or to help them cope with the summer heat. We also stock quality grooming products and can order any special grooming tools that you require.

Specialist Services

At McDowall Vet Practice we are fortunate to be very close to two excellent specialist veterinary centres here. We have a good working relationship with both centres and between them are able to refer our patients for specialist treatment of any kind. One of the marvels of modern veterinary science is that we are now able to provide our pets with the same high levels of treatment we expect for ourselves.

Boarding Kennel Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Samford Boarding Kennels operate a pick-up and drop-off service from our surgery, allowing you to leave your pets with us on the morning of your departure and pick them up at your convenience on the day of your return.


Labrador and boy