Blood Tests

Blood tests and Laboratory Testing:

At McDowall Veterinary Practice we have in-house laboratory equipment that allows us to run blood, urine and faecal tests rapidly so that we can get to the bottom of your pets problem as soon as possible. This also helps us to make treatment decisions for hospitalised patients promptly and adjust their treatment as required. Our vets are skilled in clinical pathology and cytology, so will often be able to assess biopsies and skin scrapes under the microscope while you wait to ensure prompt and correct treatment and surgical planning.

Having these facilities in house also means that we can provide valuable information about your pet’s anaesthetic safety. If you want to do what is best for your pet, but are worried about whether or not it will survive an anaesthetic, we can give you peace of mind. A simple in-house blood test, the morning of the surgery, allows us to check your pet’s liver and kidney function (among other things).These are the two main organs involved in breaking down and excreting anaesthetic drugs.

A screening blood test is not only important before surgery, but also as an ongoing preventative strategy for older pets. As mentioned earlier our senior club members all receive a discount on any in-house blood tests performed during their pets’ free senior check up.


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